THANK YOU to Bishops Waltham W.I.

It is so heartening in this troubled world to find people who are so kind. After a talk to Bishops Waltham W.I. a group of these wonderful women came together to make Sanitary Kits for the women of Kenya. It is amazing that women will work so hard to help women , that they will never meet and who live so far away. Women supporting women always inspires and motivates me to keep going. I had a really fun afternoon with these ladies and then they handed over the kits at a very nice coffee morning. The W.I. group also donated sewing machines, fabric and all sorts of things that we could sell to further our work in Kenya.

Bishops Waltham ladies sewing for our Kenyan women








Your kindness will be shared with our ladies and girls in Kenya – thank you so much

If you would like to help us with this work or support any of our projects with the most vulnerable women and children then email me on  or write to us via this website

Phoebe’s Family + Great Lake Foundation = Dignity and Good Health for Kenyan Girls and Women

Phoebe and Sandra meet the first Lady (centre) and her Team

In 2016 Louise Berrington, my friend & travelling companion and I left Kenya on a mission to start a sewing academy and to provide sanitary wear for as many girls and women as possible. When we visited in February of this year we stood in the sewing school and met our first students and now we are making and distributing sanitary kits to as many women and girls as possible.

This is a dream come true and the implications run wide and deep. Less girls will drop out of school, more women can be employed as they will not have to stay at home for one week out of every month. The kits will mean the recipients will not endanger their health by using contaminated matter like old leaves and newspapers. These girls and women will feel more valued and above all we have dignified menstruation, it is just part of the wonderful things women’s bodies do.

We could not have achieved this without the support of the first Lady of Siaya county, or all of the donators in the UK. Rotary clubs in District 1110 have made an enormous difference to this campaign and they continue to support the work we do in Kenya.

I also have to mention the Ichthus Charity Shop in Totton,  we could not have done this without you. Hand in Hand with Ichthus is the New Forest Community Church who have been and still are stalwart supporters. There are many more individuals who have supported this campaign  and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. These kits are life changing and YOU have been a part of this.

Receiving the first material from the local Government

The very first pouches containing the sanitary towels

These Kits are being made and distributed by the Great Lake team in Bondo. Our thanks to all involved especially the First Lady of Siaya County

Thanks to Lynn’s girls for making the UK version of the kit

When Women work together GREAT things happen

The Pouches containing the sanitary towels

Making sure we get the best use of the materials

During our trip in February 2018 we were able to distribute   sanitary kits for the girls and women of the orphanage  and sewing academy, made by volunteers in the U.K..

It has always been a vision of Bishop Phoebe and Phoebe’s Family supporters to make these kits in country.

We were asked by Siaya County’s First Lady to attend a meeting to  discuss this project. All the attendees were enthusiastic but  it was hard to see how it would be funded. Well the first Lady true to her word has found the money to start the production of our washable sanitary wear. She is providing materials and some wages for the people who are making the kits.


This is a huge  step in the right direction of dignity for the girls and women of Kenya and it starts a  healthy open attitude to menstruation.

Our washable sanitary wear means girls will not drop out of school, women can stay at work and we are not creating toxic waste.

So “THANK YOU” to the first Lady and her husband  and we will watch as this project unfolds. if you would like to know more about our work please contact us on .

Phoebe and Sandra meet the first Lady (centre) and her staff

receiving the first material

Godsent Sewing Academy has MOVED !!!!

Moving the sewing academy will bring us closer to financial independence.

In the effort to make our sewing academy sustainable we have moved it to one of the buildings on the Bondo Farm.

We will need to make a few alterations but it will save the annual rent. This is all working towards the financial independence of the Sewing Academy. Lets meet some of our lovely students. You can contribute to this project by contacting us through this website, all donations are appreciated and all the money is used in Kenya. You can email us on for more detailed information.

David is our only male student so far

Say Hallo to Eunice

This is Femia

Another First for Phoebe’s Family G.B.

We are so proud to announce that we have sponsored  Paul Ochieng through his first year at Agricultural College in Nairobi. Paul will be studying for 3 years and then we hope he will take over the management of the Farm at Bondo working side by side with his amazing Mother Bishop Phoebe. The farm is a very important part of the sustainability plan for the Orphanage and schools. Selling produce will help pay the bills. Bishop Phoebe has so much to do having Paul and his new found knowledge will be an enormous help to her. The farm is being planned very carefully, our current campaign is to buy 200 Mango saplings at only £2 each perhaps you could help contact us through this website and buy a Mango tree that will provide finance for the orphanage and schools. We will keep you up to date with Paul’s progress. Contact us for more information on


These watermelons will make a profit for the farm

Paul is looking forward to his time in Nairobi he is our first sponsored student

Young Sam the little boy we sponsor helps on the farm at the weekends and holidays he is only 6 years old but loves to help with the butternut squash harvest


The start of a new year can be time for a short look back and a long look forward.

2017 brought many successes to our work with Mama PHOEBE and her team. The chickens continue to lay and some to hatch bringing this project to a strong status. We grew the sponsorship programme and that enabled us to send regular money for the children.

Meet little Phoebe who is the 4th Child to be sponsored this week

We launched the “For Me “ sanitary wear programme and the programme is currently in a South African women’s prison, Sierra Leone and hopefully Ghana, as well as volunteers in the UK making kits for Kenya. We will take the kits to,Kenya in February where we will start production there.

The For Me Sanitary Kit

On 18th September we opened the Godsent Academy for sewing and Tailoring and our students are making great progress. This is a project that we believe will train Women and men providing them with skills, independence, and an income. Next stop a carpentry work shop.

Jennifer smiles at the camera she is really happy to be in our academy

2017 also had some moments of grave concern. Mama Phoebe’s health, the elections were very tense and stressful times and we hope that they are behind us and better things are planned for 2018.

One of which is our trip in February , 2 of our Trustees and myself will be visiting Kisumu and Bondo, we are very excited to be progressing our relationships with the children, the staff and Mama Phoebe.

One of the highlights for me was the birth of my God daughter Olivia, her mother Purity is Phoebe’s youngest daughter.  So as our beautiful family strengthens here and in Kenya we wish all of our sponsors and supporters the very best for 2018

Beautiful Olivia, welcome little one

A Goal is a Dream taken Seriously

On the 18th of September the Godsent Sewing Academy, Kisumu Kenya, opened its doors for registration of the first of our sewing and tailoring students.

This is a project that Louise Berrington and I stumbled on when we visited  Kenya last year. Two things happened, we realised a sewing academy would help the girls and women to be more independent and self sufficient and secondly we realised that there were thousands of women and girls with no access to sanitary wear.

When we were visiting projects we came across a young lady sewing and from that meeting an Academy was born. Little did we know that this chance meeting would start the exciting journey down the road to our sewing Academy.

The young women we met in 2016


On our return I met with the wonderful people of Tools For Self-Reliance in Hampshire UK. and they agreed to give us 12 hand sewing machines. We just needed the money to ship them and of course it came through a very generous person who lives near me.

Kris Shah from Ambaforwarding then arranged the transport from UK to Kisumu , Kenya. Not an easy thing to do, but Kris made it happen.

Mama Phoebe and her Great Lakes team have worked very hard setting up the academy. We also have to give thanks to Locks Heath Rotary Club and Boscombe and Southbourne Rotary Club for their financial support, we couldn’t have done it with out you.

One of the things Louise and I worked really hard on was finding a way to provide sanitary wear to these girls and women to afford them protection and dignity. We looked at lots of schemes and ideas and then we realised if people could sew then they could make sanitary wear for the girls and women of Kenya.

We will be telling you more about the “For Me”, campaign it will have its own page and we will be giving you lots of updates from now until we visit in February 2018.

The Academy will also have its own page and again we will be reporting back and telling you how it is all going.

Right now I want to introduce you to two of our students. Please meet Matilda. Matilda is 17 and she had to give up school because the loss of her father meant there was no money for school fees. She and her family face many hardships, her Mother works but can only pay the rent and there is often no money for food. This course will help all the family as Matilda has a chance to start a small business or get a paid job and pay for her siblings to be educated. Her Mother will also be able to help Matilda and who knows one of her sisters might learn to sew as well.

Jennifer is 19 and very bright.  When her Father died she too had to leave school. Her Mother is a member of the Great Lake Foundation and we are so happy to have Jennifer training with us to improve the life of her family.

These girls will learn many sewing and tailoring skills and they will also study business management, health and hygiene and nutrition. We will encourage them tolearn as many crafts as possible so they can make many things to sell.

This academy really can change peoples lives and bring about independence for these families, something we feel very strongly about. We will be introducing you to the students and the staff so watch this space. We will also be asking if you want to contribute to the next shipment of machines.

Jennifer smiles at the camera she is really happy to be in our academy

Matilda is learning how to thread the machine












More Children Sponsored

We are pleased to announce we have recently added 4 children to our sponsorship list. Sponsorship is so important to the running of the orphanage and schools as it enables Phoebe to pay for school fees and salaries. The other thing about sponsorship other than the gift of money is the gift of friendship from the sponsor to the child. To know you have someone some where that cares really gives these children hope. So a big thank you to our latest sponsors. You know who you are. For more information about how to sponsor one of our children please contact us

Ashley in her new head scarf is one of the new sponsorship children

Nicole in her beautiful coloured jumper is the third new sponsored child

Caleb smiling for the camera

Louise Our Cow has arrived at her new home

Yes, Louise has arrived and is happily settling in to her new home. Little does she know the difference she is going to make to the lives of her new family and then to other families when her calf is passed on.

This is such a fantastic scheme and we are so proud to be involved. Louise had a marvellous reception, her new owner Clair ( In the purple Coat),  was so pleased to see the  precious new member of her family.

Food was waiting and she will be so well looked after.

The Great lake Foundation Members were also there to celebrate this very special event. The more cows we can give the faster this scheme works. £650 will but a vetted cow , who is in calf  with some food and transport to her new home. If you are interested in contributing then please contact us on Watch this site for update on the birth of Louise’s baby

Louise is settling in to her new home

Clair and the reception committee from The Great Lake Foundation Clair and the reception committee from The Great Lake Foundation

Louise is settling in to her new home

When Sally met Samantha they sold 123 chickens

Well this is just fantastic news to be able to tell you all, that the chicken sellers of The New Forest Community Church sold an amazing 123 chicken cards at £5 each and I am just about to transfer that and other donations to Mama Phoebe.

The cards are tokens are a perfect gift to give in the real spirit of Christmas. When you buy a card you pay for a laying hen to be purchased in Bondo, Kisumu Kenya and the eggs are sold to help keep the orphaned children in their villages with extended family and friends. There are hundreds of children in this area left by the loss of a generation and these children are the future of Kenya. To be able to feed house and educate them will bring hope to them, their communities and their country.

Thank you to all the kind people who bought the chickens, please tell your friends about them and if you need more see Sally and Samantha or contact me at



Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen