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Godsent Sewing Academy has MOVED !!!!

Moving the sewing academy will bring us closer to financial independence.

In the effort to make our sewing academy sustainable we have moved it to one of the buildings on the Bondo Farm.

We will need to make a few alterations but it will save the annual rent. This is all working towards the financial independence of the Sewing Academy. Lets meet some of our lovely students. You can contribute to this project by contacting us through this website, all donations are appreciated and all the money is used in Kenya. You can email us on info@phoebesfamily.com for more detailed information.

David is our only male student so far

Say Hallo to Eunice

This is Femia

Another First for Phoebe’s Family G.B.

We are so proud to announce that we have sponsored  Paul Ochieng through his first year at Agricultural College in Nairobi. Paul will be studying for 3 years and then we hope he will take over the management of the Farm at Bondo working side by side with his amazing Mother Bishop Phoebe. The farm is a very important part of the sustainability plan for the Orphanage and schools. Selling produce will help pay the bills. Bishop Phoebe has so much to do having Paul and his new found knowledge will be an enormous help to her. The farm is being planned very carefully, our current campaign is to buy 200 Mango saplings at only £2 each perhaps you could help contact us through this website and buy a Mango tree that will provide finance for the orphanage and schools. We will keep you up to date with Paul’s progress. Contact us for more information on info@phoebesfamily.com


These watermelons will make a profit for the farm

Paul is looking forward to his time in Nairobi he is our first sponsored student

Young Sam the little boy we sponsor helps on the farm at the weekends and holidays he is only 6 years old but loves to help with the butternut squash harvest

Kenyan Trip 2018 An Eventful Time

On the 10th of February this year Becky Sutton, Freya Nicholson (both Trustees) and I left Heathrow Airport bound for Kisumu Kenya. This was a first for Becky and Freya and there was much excitement.

We took 9 cases packed with things for the orphanage, schools and the Sewing Academy .

We were welcomed by a beautiful Nairobi sunrise and we flew on to Kisumu where we were welcomes by the Women and members of the Great Lake Foundation. Meeting old friends and making new ones is always exciting but also overwhelming.

Then on  to the hotel to settle in and then on to meet PHOEBE and her wonderful family at the church in Kisumu. We had a tight schedule but spending time with these amazing women and children is what our visit was all about.

Then we met up with the Bishops who support Bishop PHOEBE and we were able to give Tunu Phoebe’s Grand daughter the shoes we had brought for her, thankfully they fitted and I think she wore them to bed.

The next day was to be the first day of Becky Sutton’s training for primary teachers so it was something to eat and back to the hotel to catch up on sleep. Please watch this space

Tunu loved her shoes

A beautiful welcome to Kenya sunrise in Nairobi

When Phoebe’s Family met Peace Jam 2017

The team at Phoebe’s Family have enjoyed an extraordinary weekend because they took part in Peace Jam 2017 in Winchester.

What is Peace Jam?? well, it is the most amazing world wide initiative for young people. It encourages these young people to think about Peace in our world and the way that they can peacefully contribute. A Nobel Peace laureate is invited to every Peace Jam and this years Laureate was none other than the fantastic Leymah Gbowee from Liberia. Leymah led the Liberian Peace Chapter of the Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET), to call for the end to the civil war in Liberia. This war was ravaging the country and it through Leymah’s leadership of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace that the war was stopped.

We were inspired and moved by Leymah’s contributions, she says “When the powerless start to see that they really can make a difference, nothing can quench the fire”.

Leymah Gbowee speaks at PEACE JAM 2017


The Phoebe’s family Team Sandra Lewis, Becky Sutton, Freya Nicholson and Jemima Herd presented and demonstrated up-cycling with large groups of young people, their Mentors and Teachers. We were joined by other interested parties and we had a wonderful hands on session.

The young people were creative and enthusiastic and we made some lovely things. Freya took some of these young people out and about to sell our famous chicken cards, just to give them the experience of selling a few. Little did we know that they were fearless sales people and we raised enough money to buy 50 chickens!!!! Well done the sales team.

Becky headed up the plaited rugs team and they worked so hard


Becky guides the plaited rug team even Rotarian Steve George has a go!!

Students,Teachers and Mentors work side by side











Jemima worked quietly teaching the students how to use a sewing machine, whilst Rotarian Tony Allchurch from Jersey Rotary Club got creativewith the rage rug team, Polina Park was a natural and I think would have made a whole rug if we had the time.

Tony and Polina of Sidcot School, make a rug

We learned a great deal from Tony as he has worked in Kenya for many years. We were so impressed with the enthusiasm for helping showed by these young people. it was clear they had learned from Leymah and would take their experience out into their world. So Thank you to everyone who was involved with our fabulous weekend, the organisers, the volunteers and the participants and to all those who showed such an interest in Phoebe’s family G.B. We will see you again next year.


2017 The Year of Our Children – Sponsorship

Brain is shy with a beautiful smile

Brian is shy with a beautiful smile

Tunu and Friends

We are all Friends

WE are going to make 2017,”The Year of Our Children”.  We will endeavour to get sponsorship for as many of our resident children as possible and we start really well by getting a new sponsor for Brian.

Brian is 4 years old, a shy but delightful little boy with a smile to melt any heart, he has been with Phoebe’s Family for 2 years. Very little is known about Brian’s parents except we know his Mother died about 2 years ago.

We have found him the perfect sponsor and it is a great start to 2017 and our new campaign. YOU could sponsor a child for as little as £56 pounds. Full sponsorship is only £500 per annum. Your child would receive food, clothes, school uniform, and an education. Other options are to sponsor a child’s education for just £56, £93 or £175. The cost is dependant of the age of the child you sponsor. We make it easy for you and there different ways to pay.

If you would like more information then please visit our website at www.phoebesfamily.com or mail us on info@phoebesfamily.com. We are a small but effective charity and we know sponsorship benefits all parties.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and start the new year with a loving giving gesture.



An Amazing Trip to Phoebe’s Wonderful Family

Where do I start to tell you about this amazing trip and the things that I saw and experienced. I guess the first thing to do is thank my dear travelling companion Louise Berrington. Louise worked so hard and was just wonderful with the children( thought I might have search her case when we were leaving )!! Louise was selfless on this trip  always dignifies and nearly always smiling. We laughed a lot and we made a great team as we were out in Kenya to work.

We collected masses of information and that includes all we needed to develop the sponsorship programme for the children that Phoebe supports. I will e loading the latest pictures into the gallery this week. Please visit these children and see if you can find it in your heart to sponsor one of them.

We visited so many project run by the Great Lake Foundation. I will post a new page for this part of Phoebes work but just to explain the concept. Phoebe has mobilised 90 groups of 15 women ( and about 5% men), together they are developing sustainable project to help feed and educate the families in the very rural parts of Kisumu County Siaya and the surrounding districts. There are so Many orphans in this area as 78% of a generation has been decimated by Aids and other diseases. The elderly and vulnerable people have to manage this precious burden of all the children who are orphaned. Phoebe takes a ” Never Give Up ” attitude and the projects are coming together but as always we need YOUR help.

Over the next few weeks I will be describing the projects and giving contact points as well as feeding back from our other successes.

Here are some pictures that make me smile.We were greeted so warmly by everyone. The boys holding the rabbits are paying their way through school by breeding them and selling the meat.

Please keep watching over the next few weeks and just meet more of the wonderful people involved with these projects and our trip.

Peanut processing they are picked and roasted and processed by these wonderful ladies

Peanut processing they are picked and roasted and processed by these wonderful ladies

We were greeted so warmly by everyone

 We were greeted so warmly by everyone

Older Orphans paying their way through school with a rabbit project

Older Orphans paying their way through school with a rabbit project




We are off today!!!! Kisumu here we come.

The day has finally come we are checked in, packed and ready to go, very exciting to be travelling to Kisumu to meet up with Phoebe and her wonderful Family. We have a very busy schedule. There will be lots to see and so many people to meet. Louise and I will be gathering information to enable us to support Phoebe and her work in the very best way.

I will try and update from Kenya but a great deal depends on the internet connections. I will bring back news and photos so that you can see what we have been up to.

The first Widows house

The first Widows house

The new school building

The new school building

Louise and Sandra with Muzvare Betty Mackoni at the Women's Empowerment Seminar in Crete

Louise and Sandra with Muzvare Betty Mackoni at the Women’s Empowerment Seminar in Crete

Thank You Dear Sponsors – Faith & Hope

The generosity of the sponsors of  Faith and Hope mean that I am able to take out lots of lovely new clothes to keep those precious babies safe and warm, as well as looking pretty. It is so heart warming when our wonderful sponsors respond to the needs of our children. Thank you again, you know who you are and I will bring back pictures of Faith and Hope looking beautiful.



They will look so cute

They will look so cute

Hats galore

Hats galore


We are off to Kisumu – very excited

The widows at Bondo Farm work for the Orphanage and have a small piece of land in return for their labour, everybody wins,

The widows at Bondo Farm work for the Orphanage and have a small piece of land in return for their labour, everybody wins,

For some weeks now we have been planning a trip to visit Phoebe and her wonderful family. We, Louise Berrington and I are representing E.S.A. ( European Sustainability Academy )in the absence of their amazing Managing Director Sharon Lawlor – Jackson.

We will be presenting Bishop Phoebe with an award from the Academy for her work empowering and educating women and her continued work with the children of Kisumu.

We will also up-date our records for the Phoebe’s family sponsorship programme. we will be taking new photographs ( they grow so quickly) and we will be  hearing about the children’s achievements.

This is a working trip and we are very privileged to be attending a  rally whilst we are there, meeting women from the “Great Lake Foundation” and on our return we will add a page on this website.

We also hope that we will have submitted our papers for registration of the new charity, hoping to support Phoebe and her family with the money we raise. We will keep you up to date with the progress we are making. Please keep contacting us if you need more information about the new charity and the work we support in Kisumu, Kenya.

Rotarian Sandra Lewis of Locksheath Rotary Club on a visit to kisumu Kenya

Rotarian Sandra Lewis of Locksheath Rotary Club on a visit to Kisumu Kenya


Great news we have two wonderful families in the UK who would like to sponsor Faith and Hope and we are in the middle of organising this sponsorship now.

The issue of young Mothers dying in child-birth is something Phoebe is having to deal with more and more. Since posting about Faith and Hope, another set of twins have been born and another young Mother has died. Phoebe always wanting to help the wider community is looking to see how she can help these young rural Mothers who cannot afford to visit the doctor or go to a clinic to have their babies. They may not even be aware that they are having twins.

As a Grand Mother of twins and knowing the joy these children bring to their parents I feel the tragedy of these deaths very personally. The Mother of our Grand children had such marvellous care and their birth was attended by several doctors and nurse specialists. We may not be able to provide all of this care in Kenya but we must do something to help Phoebe care for these young Mothers.

If you would like to help or donate please contact me through this website or visit our Phoebe’s family face book page and become a friend.

They should have their Mother's love

They should have their Mother’s love

This child refuses to die will you help her live

This child refuses to die will you help her live