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Thanks for Listening Rotary Club of Southsea Castle

Rotary Club of Southsea Castle

Rotary Club of Southsea Castle

Went to the Rotary Club of Southsea Castle last night to talk about Phoebe’s Family. It is always such a good evening with this club. They are warm, funny and lovely people. Thanks for listening and thanks for all the great things you do.

Meeting kind and generous people all the time!!!


This is NOT me folks!!!

Today I bought a dress, a very special dress. I am speaking about Phoebe’s Family at a Gala Dinner in April. I needed a very special purple gown. As you can imagine this kind of dress would be expensive!!. and I always think ” This could educate a child or buy water filters”.  I went into a shop called Tiffanys in Fareham, Hampshire and saw this fabulous dress. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. When I told the lovely lady Jo what I wanted it for, she gave me a substancial discount. There is so much kindness around.  You can see the wonderful dresses they sell at Tiffanys on line do have a look. Kindness and goodwill makes this world a better place.


Whiteley Primary School Do It Again!!

The wonderful Children and staff of Whiteley Primary School Hampshire have been fund raising again and they are so good at it.

On Friday  14th March Elaine Conniff and I went along to a wonderful sale of books and toys. We bought lovely things and we were very impressed with the way the children served us and they were excellent at adding up and giving us change. The money will go to a project for Phoebe’s Family, watch this space and we will announce the Whiteley donation when we have the final total. Thank you Whiteley Primary School for your hard work.

A Message From One Africa

Our non profit Just One Africa fundraised for the Bread Oven Project. My husband went last October to do the final install of equipment and to finish the preparations for the business to begin. We are waiting on the proper paperwork to expand and distribute further. Please pray that this happens quickly so it can bring in more income. Thank you for the post and picture! My husband and I leave in 10 days for Kenya and will meet with Phoebe and others for our non profit work. Excited to see how all of us are able to help and support these amazing kids! from Amy Churchill – One Africa. We wish Amy and her husband good luck for their visit to Phoebe and her wonderful family. It is wonderful to hear that more people are supporting Phoebe.

The oven provided by One Africa

The oven provided by One Africa

Phoebe’s Family has special visitors

John Chaffe and Tony Rozee from Connect International and the New Forest Community Church are visiting Phoebe and her family at the Bondo Farm.

John has been in contact today and he says the farm is full of  happy children and lots of activity.

Phoebe has a new bakery that makes over 300 loaves of  bread a day. They are selling like “Hot Cakes”.  Another clever initiative to keep the orphanage and schools going.

John and Tony are attending a conference at Bondo organised by Phoebe and her staff. We hope the conference is a great success and John and Tony travel safely and keep well.

The Hot Oven full of Bread!

The Hot Oven full of Bread!

Two more children Sponsored today !!!!

Today the lovely “Risely Family”,  from Narrabeen, Australia have sponsored not one but 2 of Phoebe’s Family.

Peter needs special medication and both Parents in the Risely family work in the world of medicine. Peter will receive all his medication and his monthly check ups and he now has a whole year of  school fees paid. But the generosity of the Risely’s goes on and they have sponsored Joash’s education. Such generosity!  I know the huge difference this family’s contribution will make.

Thank you so much to the Risley Family in Australia.

A picture of Peter

A big smile from Peter

A picture of Joash

Hi Joash