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A House for your Old Age

How many of us around the world take for granted that we will have a house for our old age. These house will vary greatly of course but most of us will have running water, heating and a place to sleep and cook. NOT so the elderly in Kisumu Kenya. For all sorts of reasons many elderly people end up living in awful conditions. Sometimes they have just outlived their families or their circumstances have been changed by death.

I have seen with my own eyes how some of these elderly folks live after a life time of work or service to their community and it is heartbreaking. Phoebe extends her family love and care to these elderly people and especially the widows, women who take on huge family responsibilities and work until they drop.

Could you help build a home for one of these deserving cases? Just £603  builds a comfortable home in which these ladies can end their days . If you would like to donate contact me through this website, if this women can sleep well so will YOU.

A little rest brings a smile

A little rest brings a smileHard work is a way of life for this elderly widow

Hard work is a way of life for this elderly widow