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The world is full of wonderful people

Hard work is a way of life for this elderly widow

Hard work is a way of life for this elderly widow

There are moments in our lives when we have our faith in the human race restored to its fullest. Saturday night gave me one of those moments. A very dear person gave me a cheque for £603 , yes the amount it would cost to build one unit for the Kisumu Widows. I was overcome by this act of generosity. I know this person to be very kind and generous but they are so unassuming and dignified I was touch by this gift to the elderly of Kisumu.

You know who you are so from the Widows I say thank you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have the finances to build two units so please keep giving to this wonderful cause. Go to to give online or contact me through this website.

Grandma’s House Campaign – One house almost funded

A little rest brings a smile

A little rest brings a smile

Keep the smile on Stella’s face by building these four homes for the deserving Grandmas

Thanks to YOUR generosity we have raised £500 with     and other donations

We only need another £103 to start the first house for the elderly widows of Kisumu please dig deep and help us bring security and dignity to these women and remember EVERY LITTLE HELPS

Thank you donators