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Phoebe’s work can bring such joy to her and her staff but also great sadness. Recently Phoebe has buried a young woman who died in childbirth, leaving her premature twins orphans. Thank God for Phoebe and her wonderful family. The twin girls have been named Faith and Hope. They are tiny little souls and Phoebe is doing everything she can to help them. We need money for clothes and medication and Doctors fees, if you can help contact me through this website and I will send you payment details. The wonderful New Forest Community Church are helping us process the finances to save these little girls.

Please help if you can every little helps. Theses little girls have lost their Mother can you help them live?

Say HI to Faith and Hope.

Twin girls Faith & Charity need your help

Twin girls Faith & Hope they need your help

This child refuses to die will you help her live

This child refuses to die will you help her live