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Great news we have two wonderful families in the UK who would like to sponsor Faith and Hope and we are in the middle of organising this sponsorship now.

The issue of young Mothers dying in child-birth is something Phoebe is having to deal with more and more. Since posting about Faith and Hope, another set of twins have been born and another young Mother has died. Phoebe always wanting to help the wider community is looking to see how she can help these young rural Mothers who cannot afford to visit the doctor or go to a clinic to have their babies. They may not even be aware that they are having twins.

As a Grand Mother of twins and knowing the joy these children bring to their parents I feel the tragedy of these deaths very personally. The Mother of our Grand children had such marvellous care and their birth was attended by several doctors and nurse specialists. We may not be able to provide all of this care in Kenya but we must do something to help Phoebe care for these young Mothers.

If you would like to help or donate please contact me through this website or visit our Phoebe’s family face book page and become a friend.

They should have their Mother's love

They should have their Mother’s love

This child refuses to die will you help her live

This child refuses to die will you help her live