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Australian Generosity – 3 Chickens sold whilst having a chat

I am in Australia visiting my daughter and her family and just chatting to some Mums at cricket practice led to the lovely Meg buying 3 chickens for our project, “Chicken for a Child”. Thank you so much for your kindness.

The campaign is going well and more thanks go to the good people in the UK who are busy selling our beautiful cards whilst I am out of the country. Sally, Sam Freya and Elaine a Big Thanks to you all.

WE need a huge amount of chickens so if you would like to buy these beautiful cards please contact me at I will arrange to have the cards sent or delivered. They make such a good present with the true meaning of Christmas embedded in our campaign,  its also the ideal gift for the person who has everything.

The cost is £5 per chicken this buys a laying pullet, her inoculation and some food. The eggs will feed house and educate the orphaned children in Kisumu, Siaya and Bondo counties. Please share this information and help us sell our cards. Thanks to all who support us love from down under. X

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

80 new chickens for Kisumu

Yes your generosity and the hard work of many friends means we have already bought 80 chickens for the new chicken farm.  This is marvellous, if we keep up this good work we will soon have them full. If you would like our beautiful tokens to buy a chicken for the orphaned children of Bondo, Kisumu then contact me at

Once again a huge thank you to the fabulous Penny Timmis who actually painted our Christmas Chicken please look at penny’s website at .

Penny has also donated this wonderful oil painting for sale so if you are interested the painting is about 85cm X 75cm. It is just stunning.

The women of Bondo, Kisumu who look after the chicken houses are busy learning how to inoculate the chickens, every care is taken and all the workers are learning more and more about animal husbandry.

Learning how to inoculate the chickens

Learning how to inoculate the chickens

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Chicken for a Child is Launched

After our visit in August of this year we identified many projects to support and one that we felt we could really make a huge contribution to is the Chicken Farm at Bondo.

This is one of the Great Lakes Foundation Projects, aimed at helping the hundreds of orphaned children in the area stay in their villages with friends and extended family.

There is so little money and food Phoebe Onyango has mobilised 90 groups of 15 women to initiated projects to support these children whilst they bring dignity to themselves through hard work and successful trading.

Nine wonderful buildings have been donated by, “Just One Africa”, and American charity who have given the gift of clean water to hundreds of rural families. They do so much good work in Kenya.

Our job here at PHOEBE’S FAMILY G.B. is to fill these chicken houses with laying pullets to provide the funds to feed & educate  the orphaned children in and around Bondo.

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Look have this egg for the children

So we have produced, with the help of friends lovely cards that you can give as Christmas gifts. You pay £5 for each card and that buys a chicken and pays for the inoculation and food.

This card has been especially painted for our campaign by the wonderful artist Penny Timmis

Thank you so much Penny we really appreciate your kindness and amazing talent. We will feature 3 of Penny’s works throughout this campaign so why not collect them all?

We have also chosen a child friendly hen picture to feature on our cards, we hope you like her.

The very first card went to Evie, a little girl who was helping with another project. Evie worked hard and  so her card was her reward for being so kind. Evie wants her Kenyan chicken to be called “Cluck”, so Cluck it is Evie, and thank you.




Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen


The women and older children who look after these chickens are given training and will receive a certificate in animal husbandry. They learn how to care for the chickens collect and deliver the eggs and set up supply contracts for the eggs with local businesses.In time it would be marvellous to have our own incubation unit. These cards will help a child who has been traumatised by loss stay in familiar surrounding and be educated so they can get work and live independently.

If you would like to buy some of these beautiful cards please email me on and I can facilitate the purchase of cards.

Watch this space for more pictures of the project and we will do a count down for you together we can do this and make a difference.