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More Children Sponsored

We are pleased to announce we have recently added 4 children to our sponsorship list. Sponsorship is so important to the running of the orphanage and schools as it enables Phoebe to pay for school fees and salaries. The other thing about sponsorship other than the gift of money is the gift of friendship from the sponsor to the child. To know you have someone some where that cares really gives these children hope. So a big thank you to our latest sponsors. You know who you are. For more information about how to sponsor one of our children please contact us

Ashley in her new head scarf is one of the new sponsorship children

Nicole in her beautiful coloured jumper is the third new sponsored child

Caleb smiling for the camera

Louise Our Cow has arrived at her new home

Yes, Louise has arrived and is happily settling in to her new home. Little does she know the difference she is going to make to the lives of her new family and then to other families when her calf is passed on.

This is such a fantastic scheme and we are so proud to be involved. Louise had a marvellous reception, her new owner Clair ( In the purple Coat),  was so pleased to see the  precious new member of her family.

Food was waiting and she will be so well looked after.

The Great lake Foundation Members were also there to celebrate this very special event. The more cows we can give the faster this scheme works. £650 will but a vetted cow , who is in calf  with some food and transport to her new home. If you are interested in contributing then please contact us on Watch this site for update on the birth of Louise’s baby

Louise is settling in to her new home

Clair and the reception committee from The Great Lake Foundation Clair and the reception committee from The Great Lake Foundation

Louise is settling in to her new home

Meet Louise – Our first “Pass on a Cow”

Yes we have donated our first cow to the “Pass on a Cow”, initiative. One of the many Great Lake Initiatives to help the rural orphans in Kenya have a better more secure life.  This cow is beautiful and very precious, hence her name Louise, dedicated to my wonderful travelling companion for our trip in 2016.

Louise the cow, is in calf and will soon produce and this calf will be  “Passed On” to another family to help support the family and the orphans in the surrounding village. This will help many families, however the process is slow, and so, if we can donate cows it really helps. Each family has to prove it can take care of the cow, support and training is provided and a special pen and shelter is made. The cow will be really cared for.

Louise id beautiful and precious

Louise is beautiful and precious

Here is Louise on her way to her new Family

Here is Louise on her way to her new Family


This cow was donated by a couple who thought they had enough things and bought Louise for Christmas. Thank you so much.

If you would like to help a family or donate please contact us at

We will follow Louise with interest and bring you updates of her progress, maybe we will call the new calf “Thelma!”

2017 The Year of Our Children – Sponsorship

Brain is shy with a beautiful smile

Brian is shy with a beautiful smile

Tunu and Friends

We are all Friends

WE are going to make 2017,”The Year of Our Children”.  We will endeavour to get sponsorship for as many of our resident children as possible and we start really well by getting a new sponsor for Brian.

Brian is 4 years old, a shy but delightful little boy with a smile to melt any heart, he has been with Phoebe’s Family for 2 years. Very little is known about Brian’s parents except we know his Mother died about 2 years ago.

We have found him the perfect sponsor and it is a great start to 2017 and our new campaign. YOU could sponsor a child for as little as £56 pounds. Full sponsorship is only £500 per annum. Your child would receive food, clothes, school uniform, and an education. Other options are to sponsor a child’s education for just £56, £93 or £175. The cost is dependant of the age of the child you sponsor. We make it easy for you and there different ways to pay.

If you would like more information then please visit our website at or mail us on We are a small but effective charity and we know sponsorship benefits all parties.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and start the new year with a loving giving gesture.