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The start of a new year can be time for a short look back and a long look forward.

2017 brought many successes to our work with Mama PHOEBE and her team. The chickens continue to lay and some to hatch bringing this project to a strong status. We grew the sponsorship programme and that enabled us to send regular money for the children.

Meet little Phoebe who is the 4th Child to be sponsored this week

We launched the “For Me “ sanitary wear programme and the programme is currently in a South African women’s prison, Sierra Leone and hopefully Ghana, as well as volunteers in the UK making kits for Kenya. We will take the kits to,Kenya in February where we will start production there.

The For Me Sanitary Kit

On 18th September we opened the Godsent Academy for sewing and Tailoring and our students are making great progress. This is a project that we believe will train Women and men providing them with skills, independence, and an income. Next stop a carpentry work shop.

Jennifer smiles at the camera she is really happy to be in our academy

2017 also had some moments of grave concern. Mama Phoebe’s health, the elections were very tense and stressful times and we hope that they are behind us and better things are planned for 2018.

One of which is our trip in February , 2 of our Trustees and myself will be visiting Kisumu and Bondo, we are very excited to be progressing our relationships with the children, the staff and Mama Phoebe.

One of the highlights for me was the birth of my God daughter Olivia, her mother Purity is Phoebe’s youngest daughter.  So as our beautiful family strengthens here and in Kenya we wish all of our sponsors and supporters the very best for 2018

Beautiful Olivia, welcome little one