Meet Louise – Our first “Pass on a Cow”

Yes we have donated our first cow to the “Pass on a Cow”, initiative. One of the many Great Lake Initiatives to help the rural orphans in Kenya have a better more secure life.  This cow is beautiful and very precious, hence her name Louise, dedicated to my wonderful travelling companion for our trip in 2016.

Louise the cow, is in calf and will soon produce and this calf will be  “Passed On” to another family to help support the family and the orphans in the surrounding village. This will help many families, however the process is slow, and so, if we can donate cows it really helps. Each family has to prove it can take care of the cow, support and training is provided and a special pen and shelter is made. The cow will be really cared for.

Louise id beautiful and precious

Louise is beautiful and precious

Here is Louise on her way to her new Family

Here is Louise on her way to her new Family


This cow was donated by a couple who thought they had enough things and bought Louise for Christmas. Thank you so much.

If you would like to help a family or donate please contact us at

We will follow Louise with interest and bring you updates of her progress, maybe we will call the new calf “Thelma!”

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