Phoebe’s Family at Rotary District 1110 Conference

President of Bournemouth Rotary with Sandra Lewis. Bournemouth have been great supporters of our Sewing Academy

Jo Shannon from Tools For Self-Reliance and Sandra Lewis what a partnership.

This time last weekend three of the team at Phoebe’s Family where in the House of Friendship at the Rotary District 1110 Conference.

It was held on the beautiful Island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands. It was a well attended conference and we were pleased with the interest that the Rotary Club in this district showed in our charity work in Kenya.

We were stationed next to our dear friends and partners Tools For Self Reliance, (TFSR) and this added to the experience for us, as we could talk about the Sewing Academy in Kisumu that we have opened with help from TFSR.

We had so much we could have shared at this conference but we settled on the Sewing Academy, the washable sanitary kits and our chicken farm.

Our thanks to all those wonderful people who supported us and our thanks also goes to the Rotary team who organised such a great Conference. Some names to mention, DG Alan Smith Conference organiser Mike Smith, Registrar Debbie Dunford and Mary Pike who worked tirelessly to make every thing run smoothly.

The added bonus for us this year was the 14 Locks Heath Rotarians who attended the conference and we gave fellowship a whole new meaning.

Three trustees at the conference 2018

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