Phoebe Onyango started her dream for a better life for the orphans of Kisumu nearly 20 years ago. Throughout those years she has used her entrepreneurial skills to resolve the every day problems she has faced. Phoebe has developed her work to meet the needs of the children and as soon as she could, she extended her life’s work to the neighbouring slums. She educates as many children as she can afford.

She has been evicted from buildings and had to cope with the explosion of numbers of orphans after the 2010 riots that followed the elections. Somehow she managed. We have written more about the history of Phoebe and her work throughout the pages of this website.

We have tried to answer all the question you might ask about Phoebe’s work and her hopes and plans for the future. We would welcome any questions you do have, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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