Meet Mamma Phoebe

Phoebe Onyango is an extraordinary woman

Mamma Phoebe

Mamma Phoebe


Phoebe was born in Kisumu, Kenya. She is married and has five children

Her love of children and her faith led her to start the Salem Ministries Orphanage nearly twenty years ago.


During this time she has worked tirelessly for these children. Her approach to the children in her care is remarkable. Once a child is in Phoebe’s Family, they are cared for and loved for life. They are educated and guided to the point where they go into higher education, or employment. Then just as in a loving family the children give back in whatever way they can. The adults donate their time, skills and money where they can.

Phoebe in traditional dress

Phoebe in traditional dress

Phoebe’s Family is like any other loving family. There are standards and rules. The children are instilled with the knowledge that:-

They are loved

They must love and respect themselves and others

Education is a privilege and coupled with hard work is the way to a better life

You must give back to your family and community.


Phoebe’s faith developed and as a Bishop in her region she is renowned as a gifted preacher.

Phoebe and the children at Sunday morning service

Phoebe and the children at Sunday morning service

Phoebe’s faith and preaching is practical and action orientated. She speaks of love, respect, friendship, sharing and taking responsibility through the love of God.

Phoebe is visionary, entrepreneurial and hard working and much of the money she earns as a guest preacher pays for the essential  running costs at the schools and orphanage.

Phoebe’s Family includes 100 resident children, the young people who have moved on, some having homes and children of their own, and many children in the Ombunga Slum, who she watches over with the help of the widows who work as outreach workers.

Phoebe touches many lives, she has a clear vision and her capacity to love the orphaned and homeless children of Kisumu is endless, however her finances are NOT.



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  1. God’s blessings to you family am pastor ken wamalwa from kimilili town Bungoma Kenya i humble and respect you for re guesting to work with your ministry here HERE IS MY PHONE 0724486229 am praying for you and looking forward to hear you love of message Amen,

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