Phoebe’s Vision

Compassion for the abandoned, homeless, and orphaned children of Kisumu

  • To provide a loving home –  so the children feel wanted and cared for, (not just accommodation)
  • To follow the Christian way
  • To provide quality education from nursery school through to senior school and to facilitate  moving on to university or employment


Make provision for the orphaned children and also for others in the community

  • To provide a church community for the children and  for the adults in the surrounding area.
  • To provide a feeding programme, to provide a school meal every day for each pupil. (This is often the only meal of the day for those children not in the orphanage. Food encourages children to attend and to stay all day.  If the child is not fed then academic performance suffers).
  • To provide a medical centre to serve the children and eventually provide a medical service to all families in the slum areas of Kisumu.
  • To visit the widows  and elderly in the slums
  • To encourage other churches in the region to provide vocational training.  (45 churches are being advised and encouraged).


This is an ambitious and far reaching Vision, to date Phoebe and her staff and supporters have achieved

  • Some dormitories for the junior girls and boys
  •  A nursery building
  • A new kitchen block
  • A new toilet block
  • offers primary, junior & senior education
  • A farm & garden area to grow food
  • Some livestock , chickens & a rabbit farm
  • Some outreach work in the slum areas
  • New buildings on the farm at Bondo

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