Sponsoring one of Phoebe’s Children with Rotary

We are so proud of our new school equipment. Thank you Roborough Rotary Club



Thank you for your interest in this very special project

Phoebe Onyango started her orphanage nearly 21 years ago and currently sustains a loving home for 47 children. Phoebe recognised the need to educate her children and started a school, The Salem Academy.  The school has developed into three levels of education so the children go through Nursery School, Primary School and Senior School. These children are loved and feel safe and because of this, their success rate is exceptional. Some have achieved university degrees and college qualifications. Others have gone on to learn trades. Most of these young adults then come back and help in the orphanage in some way and remain as part of Phoebe’s family.

Phoebe’s compassion extends to the families of the Ombungo slum and she encourages these children to attend the Academy because she knows that this is the only way they will improve the quality of their lives. Every day she educates and feeds around 400 children.

Kenyan law says all children can be educated to primary standard e.g. 5-11 years as long as they have a uniform and a PE kit. (Seniors are not required to have the PE kits).

This makes it difficult for many of the poorer children and orphans to go to school and get the education they need to improve their lives. By providing these uniforms the Academy allows these children access to a quality education thus giving them hope for a better future.

The children are playing after school


Phoebe works to support the orphanage and schools and she receives some donations from other sources. Currently this project has no regular or reliable income and sponsorship would enable Phoebe to plan ahead stabilising the lives of the children.

Members of the Rotary have visited the orphanage and schools and validated all the projects. Phoebe has registered her work and projects under the name of the Salem Trust.

The Salem Trust is a registered charity and we have reviewed its legal documents and registrations, we have met with some of the Board of Trustees, and have firm links with the local branch of the Rotary Club of Kisumu Winam.

Senior Pupils start a new term


Sponsorship is the way forward for Phoebe’s children and the continued success of her “Family Home”. If you feel you could help the wonderful work carried out by Phoebe and her staff then we can arrange for you to sponsor a child via one of our Rotary sponsorship options.


Please Note

The children do not have separate bank accounts allocated to them but your sponsorship helps them to continue to live in a home with love, understanding safety and education.

All contact details are confidential. They are securely held in the UK by the Administrator Sandra Lewis a member of the  Rotary Club of Locksheath in compliance with the new  Data Protection Act.

Full Sponsorship includes

  • Accommodation
  • Clothing and school uniform
  • All meals
  • School  fees & materials
  • Medication

Option One – a full sponsorship for one child for one year costs £500,

Option Two – Education Sponsorship includes

  • School fees & materials
  • One meal a day
  • a uniform,
  • shoes,
  • socks,
  • school bag
  • P.E. kit

and costs £120 to £250 per year depending on age. You can choose how much you want to donate.

All clothes and uniforms are passed on or recycled as much as possible 


We all feel very special thank you

Most of us cannot change the world but we can make a huge difference one small step at a time. I will not ask you to give generously,  because if you are on this page then I know you have a generous heart.

You will help Phoebe feed, clothe and educate these children with your donation, but much more than that, you will help them feel that they are worth something.

A little goes a long way in Kisumu and Bondo so a huge  “Thank You”, from Phoebe, her family and all the wonderful people working to improve their world.

To donate please contact us through this website.

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