Phoebe’s Family

Phoebe’s Family is the name we have chosen to market  the Trust of Salem Ministries Orphanage. This charity currently runs an orphanage for 100 children and young people and provides education for over 400 children from the ages of 4 -20 years ( late starters often stay on in school longer). We chose this name because Phoebe has a holistic view when caring for the children. She loves and supports them through their young years and keeps them safe and fed until they can support themselves either through employment or further education


Waiting for lunch after Sunday church service

Bishop Phoebe Onyango has accquired a small farm of 20 acres in Bondo. The farm produces food for the orphans and some of the children from Ombunga slum. Any surplus is sold or bartered  for other things that are needed. The children love the farm as  it is a great place for children to grow up. Phoebe believes that the farm is significant in the success and sustainability of this charity.




Working hard at school

We hope you enjoy this website,  please share the information and encourage others to visit us . You will always be welcomed into Phoebe’s Family




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