Projects at Bondo Farm

Young Sam the little boy we sponsor helps on the farm at the weekends and holidays he is only 6 years old but love to help with the butternut squash harvest

Rows of Kale

There are always projects that need investment. Sustainability is key with the projects so the farm at Bondo really comes into focus. It provides food for the children in the orphanage, gives employment to local people and any profits go towards financing the cost of running the orphanage. It is important to make the farm as profitable and productive as possible

The farm needed Irrigation and a proper pump house, thanks to our friends at Ichthus Charity Shop we have a new pump and pump house

Thanks to Ichthus Charity shop Totton UK we have a new pump house



We have recently enrolled Paul Phoebe’s son into a Horticultural course in Nairobi. He will be such an asset to the farm, working with his Mother to produce the best from the land and  take the responsibilities to cultivate the farm and be competent with the animal husbandry.

Training is always expensive but essential if the young people are to be a part of the development of these projects. WE are still raising funds for Paul so if you would like to help please contact us through this website or email us on

Paul is looking forward to his time in Nairobi he is our first sponsored student


These watermelons will make a profit for the farm

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