Meet The Children


After visiting Phoebe and her amazing family in February 2013 it occurred to us that getting sponsorship for each of the children would be an invaluable way to raise funds. We currently have sixteen children sponsored.

Individuals or groups might like to sponsor a child’s costs in the orphanage or school or both. The sponsorship project can be extended to children who live in the Ombunga Slum, to give them the chance of a better future. You can sponsor their education or support their living conditions. By offering education to the orphans and the children living in the slums we believe the whole community’s way of life can be improved. Each child is taught the value of education, work ethics and community spirit, this must have a positive effect,  as the children  grow and mature into young adults conscious of their adult responsibilities.

There are many examples of the young people who have been part of Phoebe’s family, who have finished their further education and who come back on a regular basis to support Phoebe in her work.

Paul acts as a translator and assists Phoebe with her Sunday Church services. Click here to sponsor a child or contact us through this website.

We would love you to sponsor one of these children.



All these children are currently sponsored.


If you would like to donate or sponsor a child or project please contact us through this page.

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