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“Rotary and Peace the World Over”

This is the toast we finish our meetings with at Locks Heath Rotary, and many other Rotary groups and meetings all over the world will also toast to this. But today we will be toasting to peace and order in the beautiful country of Kenya, where they are holding their General Elections.

These beautiful girls lost their parents in a Kenyan Election massacre don’t let this happen again

Politicians all over the world are supposed to be working for the people of their countries but sometimes this is not so. Democratic elections should be about freedom to choose, but again this is not always so.

I could write much more about my views on Politics but I will not. I will ask you all regardless of you faith or beliefs to spare a thought or say a prayer for Kenya today and for the next few days. In the hope that the wonderful people of Kenya get what they deserve, PEACE, JUSTICE, CHOICE and GREAT LEADERSHIP.

We are now a U.K. Registered Charity

We are so pleased to be able to announce to all of our wonderful supporters that we have gone through th registration process and are now a registered charity.

Our number is 1173109. This will show on the Charity commission website within 48 hours.

A big thank you to Naked Fund Raising who were so helpful, and all of the Trustees who supported the application.

We are so proud and privileged to be supporting Phoebe Onyango’s work in Kenya.

Here are just a few reminders of the work that is taking place. If you would like to support us then please contact us through  info@phoebe’


Rows of Kale

Mama Phoebe and Purity giving out the shoeboxes

We are so proud of our new school equipment. Thank you Roborough and Locks Heath Rotary Clubs


Peanut processing they are picked and roasted and processed by these wonderful ladies

Louise is settling in to her new home

The lovely Risely Family from Australia who sponsor 2 children

Rotarian Elaine Conniff collecting from “Material Things”

Made by Beryl whilst it rained !!

Clever ideas to be sustainable

The Grand children are very excited

When Phoebe’s Family met Peace Jam 2017

The team at Phoebe’s Family have enjoyed an extraordinary weekend because they took part in Peace Jam 2017 in Winchester.

What is Peace Jam?? well, it is the most amazing world wide initiative for young people. It encourages these young people to think about Peace in our world and the way that they can peacefully contribute. A Nobel Peace laureate is invited to every Peace Jam and this years Laureate was none other than the fantastic Leymah Gbowee from Liberia. Leymah led the Liberian Peace Chapter of the Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET), to call for the end to the civil war in Liberia. This war was ravaging the country and it through Leymah’s leadership of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace that the war was stopped.

We were inspired and moved by Leymah’s contributions, she says “When the powerless start to see that they really can make a difference, nothing can quench the fire”.

Leymah Gbowee speaks at PEACE JAM 2017


The Phoebe’s family Team Sandra Lewis, Becky Sutton, Freya Nicholson and Jemima Herd presented and demonstrated up-cycling with large groups of young people, their Mentors and Teachers. We were joined by other interested parties and we had a wonderful hands on session.

The young people were creative and enthusiastic and we made some lovely things. Freya took some of these young people out and about to sell our famous chicken cards, just to give them the experience of selling a few. Little did we know that they were fearless sales people and we raised enough money to buy 50 chickens!!!! Well done the sales team.

Becky headed up the plaited rugs team and they worked so hard


Becky guides the plaited rug team even Rotarian Steve George has a go!!

Students,Teachers and Mentors work side by side











Jemima worked quietly teaching the students how to use a sewing machine, whilst Rotarian Tony Allchurch from Jersey Rotary Club got creativewith the rage rug team, Polina Park was a natural and I think would have made a whole rug if we had the time.

Tony and Polina of Sidcot School, make a rug

We learned a great deal from Tony as he has worked in Kenya for many years. We were so impressed with the enthusiasm for helping showed by these young people. it was clear they had learned from Leymah and would take their experience out into their world. So Thank you to everyone who was involved with our fabulous weekend, the organisers, the volunteers and the participants and to all those who showed such an interest in Phoebe’s family G.B. We will see you again next year.


More Children Sponsored

We are pleased to announce we have recently added 4 children to our sponsorship list. Sponsorship is so important to the running of the orphanage and schools as it enables Phoebe to pay for school fees and salaries. The other thing about sponsorship other than the gift of money is the gift of friendship from the sponsor to the child. To know you have someone some where that cares really gives these children hope. So a big thank you to our latest sponsors. You know who you are. For more information about how to sponsor one of our children please contact us

Ashley in her new head scarf is one of the new sponsorship children

Nicole in her beautiful coloured jumper is the third new sponsored child

Caleb smiling for the camera

Louise Our Cow has arrived at her new home

Yes, Louise has arrived and is happily settling in to her new home. Little does she know the difference she is going to make to the lives of her new family and then to other families when her calf is passed on.

This is such a fantastic scheme and we are so proud to be involved. Louise had a marvellous reception, her new owner Clair ( In the purple Coat),  was so pleased to see the  precious new member of her family.

Food was waiting and she will be so well looked after.

The Great lake Foundation Members were also there to celebrate this very special event. The more cows we can give the faster this scheme works. £650 will but a vetted cow , who is in calf  with some food and transport to her new home. If you are interested in contributing then please contact us on Watch this site for update on the birth of Louise’s baby

Louise is settling in to her new home

Clair and the reception committee from The Great Lake Foundation Clair and the reception committee from The Great Lake Foundation

Louise is settling in to her new home

Meet Louise – Our first “Pass on a Cow”

Yes we have donated our first cow to the “Pass on a Cow”, initiative. One of the many Great Lake Initiatives to help the rural orphans in Kenya have a better more secure life.  This cow is beautiful and very precious, hence her name Louise, dedicated to my wonderful travelling companion for our trip in 2016.

Louise the cow, is in calf and will soon produce and this calf will be  “Passed On” to another family to help support the family and the orphans in the surrounding village. This will help many families, however the process is slow, and so, if we can donate cows it really helps. Each family has to prove it can take care of the cow, support and training is provided and a special pen and shelter is made. The cow will be really cared for.

Louise id beautiful and precious

Louise is beautiful and precious

Here is Louise on her way to her new Family

Here is Louise on her way to her new Family


This cow was donated by a couple who thought they had enough things and bought Louise for Christmas. Thank you so much.

If you would like to help a family or donate please contact us at

We will follow Louise with interest and bring you updates of her progress, maybe we will call the new calf “Thelma!”

2017 The Year of Our Children – Sponsorship

Brain is shy with a beautiful smile

Brian is shy with a beautiful smile

Tunu and Friends

We are all Friends

WE are going to make 2017,”The Year of Our Children”.  We will endeavour to get sponsorship for as many of our resident children as possible and we start really well by getting a new sponsor for Brian.

Brian is 4 years old, a shy but delightful little boy with a smile to melt any heart, he has been with Phoebe’s Family for 2 years. Very little is known about Brian’s parents except we know his Mother died about 2 years ago.

We have found him the perfect sponsor and it is a great start to 2017 and our new campaign. YOU could sponsor a child for as little as £56 pounds. Full sponsorship is only £500 per annum. Your child would receive food, clothes, school uniform, and an education. Other options are to sponsor a child’s education for just £56, £93 or £175. The cost is dependant of the age of the child you sponsor. We make it easy for you and there different ways to pay.

If you would like more information then please visit our website at or mail us on We are a small but effective charity and we know sponsorship benefits all parties.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and start the new year with a loving giving gesture.



We wish YOU a Peaceful and Happy Christmas

We will look back to 2016 with much affection. Our trip in August inspired us to register this charity and with our little team of Trustees and Volunteers we have identified projects and we have worked hard to bring them to fruition.

The last few months has been all about the chickens and I am hoping we will have sent the money for 350 by the end of this year. I could write reams about this charity but I know you all have lots to do, so I will make these few points.

  1.  We could not have done it without YOU
  2. Thanks and my love to all who have helped us this year
  3. Your money and donations get to where they were intended this I can guarantee
  4. Phoebe Onyango is an extraordinary women and it is a privilege to work with her
  5. You change the lives of children with little hope
  6. Together we can do even more next year.

God Bless and Happy Christmas to you all

Learning how to inoculate the chickens
Learning how to inoculate the chickens


Older Orphans paying their way through school with a rabbit project
Older Orphans paying their way through school with a rabbit project


Peanut processing they are picked and roasted and processed by these wonderful ladies
Peanut processing they are picked and roasted and processed by these wonderful ladies


We are so proud of our new school equipment. Thank you  Roborough Rotary Club
We are so proud of our new school equipment. Thank you Roborough Rotary Club


Mama  Phoebeshowing me the orphanage in 2012
Mama Phoebeshowing me the orphanage in 2012

WE have bought 300 chickens and there’s more …….

Congratulations to all you sellers and buyers of the cards for “a Chicken for a Child campaign. We have sold 300 chickens and the number is still rising.

These chickens are laying hens who will provide eggs to sell. The money will keep the many orphaned children of Bondo in their villages with their extended families and friends.

This is such an a fantastic result thanks to the generosity of all you Phoebe’s Family supporter. Now for some more credits.

Locks Heath Rotary  20 chickens

Hampshire Writers Society 24 chickens

Whiteley Primary School 21 chickens

Many thanks to Michelle, Becky, Sam, Sally and Elaine and everyone else who sold cards for us. You can still buy them contact us through this site or email

The cards are just £5 and they make a great gift in the real spirit of Christmas. Just a reminder of what they look like!

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken




When Sally met Samantha they sold 123 chickens

Well this is just fantastic news to be able to tell you all, that the chicken sellers of The New Forest Community Church sold an amazing 123 chicken cards at £5 each and I am just about to transfer that and other donations to Mama Phoebe.

The cards are tokens are a perfect gift to give in the real spirit of Christmas. When you buy a card you pay for a laying hen to be purchased in Bondo, Kisumu Kenya and the eggs are sold to help keep the orphaned children in their villages with extended family and friends. There are hundreds of children in this area left by the loss of a generation and these children are the future of Kenya. To be able to feed house and educate them will bring hope to them, their communities and their country.

Thank you to all the kind people who bought the chickens, please tell your friends about them and if you need more see Sally and Samantha or contact me at



Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Penny Timmis Christmas chicken

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen

Meet Cluck she lays lots of eggs and is a happy Hen